Storyline player---not defaulting to my customized player

Sep 30, 2013

Hi, I've customized my Storyline player with colors and menu settings. But every time I make a change to the course, I have to return to the player settings and select what is called the "(on disk)" version of my customized player. For example, I named my customized player "Xterc player". But when I returned to my course and previewed, I saw some strange colors and menu behavior. I returned to the player settings and found that Storyline had created two flavors of my player "Xterc (in project)" and "Xterc (on disk)".

The "(in project)" flavor has the unexpected colors and behavior, and is being selected as my default. I have to manually select the "(on disk)" version every time I preview the course. 

Any ideas most appreciated.
Melanie F. 

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Melanie,

The default Storyline Player should always appear at the top of the list. Any player whose name is followed by "(on disk)" has been saved to your hard drive. A player name followed by "(in project)" is stored within the current project itself, and hasn't yet been saved under its own name and would reflect any changes that you're currently making within the player. If the player that you've saved is not being applied it sounds like Storyline is generally behaving erratically, there are some additional steps you can follow here (especially the first two about working locally and repairing Storyline). If you're still having difficulty after repairing Storyline, can you connect with our Support team here? 

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