Storyline quick access toolbar align and center not available ?

Oct 23, 2023


I had in previous versions of SL an array of alignement icons I used all the time, like distribute objects evenly, align to left, center, and so on. 

In the new and updated SL I got after changing employer, I cannot find anymore how to put those in the Q-A tootlbar. Right-click does nothing on the sub-menu level, I can only pin the global Align tools, which is a pain since there's so much more clicks to do for such a simple task !

Please, correct this regression, being able to have a quick panel of alignment options is sooooo useful !!! 

Ideally, with the ability to reorder items in the Q-A toolbar ! But just being able to have sublevels icon via right-click like it was in previous SL version would be great already !


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Eric Santos

Hello Marine!

Sorry, you've hit this snag regarding adding items to the Quick Access Toolbar; I'm happy to help! Currently, only the top-level icons can be added to that toolbar. The alignment icons are in the Storyline ribbon: Drawing Tools -> Format -> Arrange and Align. You can right-click these and select Add to Quick Access Toolbar.

Please check out this quick demo I prepared for you. Let me know if you have any questions!

Jose Tansengco

Hello Marine, 

Can I ask which specific icons are you trying to add to your Quick Access Toolbar? So far, I was able to add the align actions to the toolbar, but it looks like you're trying to add a different set entirely. 



The icons I'm trying to pin in the custom menu are exactly those you are showing me : Align and center, Align to left, etc. How did you manage to add those ? In the current Storyline version, right-click doesn't react at all when I right-click on those, there's no contextual menu, neither does the option "Add to quick access bar" appear.

In the attachment, when I right-click in the submenus, there's nothing happening.