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Apr 06, 2016

Hi team,

I have a pool of 60 questions in Quiz maker 13, that I have imported in storyline2. And I had set the option like, 20 questions should coming out from the pool. & I'm choosing the quiz option at "Submit all at once". For all quiz slide, I have inserted the slide numbers also. Now, when I'm clicking on last question.. it will prompt the "SUBMIT & Review" window. When I'm choosing "Review" it is going to the already answered questions page, but it is not changing the slide number to initial number (means slide number:1). It is showing the slide number21. could you please provide a solution for this?

And the same option should come for after submitting the quiz also. i.e. "Review-quiz & Retry quiz"  Please find the attached file, if you need more clarity.



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Wendy Farmer

Hi Meera

I am not seeing the same behaviour. I went through the quiz it showed slides x of 20 on the bottom left.  I purposely didn't do some, I clicked the review button and it went back to the first question and it was 1 of 20 and as I continued through it was in the correct order there was no 21 of 20.

I took a video to show you it is working as expected.

Also not sure what the question numbers are in the top left of the screen.


Meera C

Hi Wendy,

When I clicking on "Review" button, It will navigate to already answered slide and will changing the slide numbers also. While taking assessment, for e.g. Now, I'm gone through the assessment currently I'm in 5th question. And there is a doubt in previous question/slide. so,.. I want to see the pervious question( 4th question). when I'm click on "Prev" button, It is not going to that slide.

After reviewed the assessment, when I click submit button. In result slide "Review-Quiz" button I put, that we will get to know the correct/ incorrect questions after end of the assessment. When I click this "Review Quiz button" it is not showing the initial slide is showing 21,.22,...etc.  Could you check this?

And, in top of the slide, which I mentioned the Q1,Q2... that is for text... so, please don't consider that. :-)


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