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Jun 20, 2018


I created a simple 10 question quiz in Storyline 2.  80% is passing.  Is there a way to display only the 2 answers the learner got incorrect before they move on to the next slide?  Even though they passed the course I would like them to have to see what they got incorrect?  

Thanks for any guidance...


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Suzanne!

Storyline does include a Review Results feature, which lets learners go back and review the answers they submitted (but they can't change their answers). You can also give learners visual feedback on their performance by enabling the Show correct/incorrect responses when reviewing setting. 

Instead of having learners review all quiz questions, it sounds like you would prefer them to review only the incorrect answers. While that's not a built-in feature, you can set that up with some variables, triggers, and a little creativity. Daniel's method here is a great place to start!

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