Storyline Quiz - Resetting on file open?

I recently created my first quiz using SL in a course that went live last week.   We have received feedback on a couple of questions that need to be tweaked for clarity. 

When I opened the SL file today to make the changes, I noticed some significant issues with the formatting of the quiz.   All of the question fonts had been reset to Articulate font (i had reset to a different font style and size).  The text boxes for the questions had also gone from being wrapped to a single line.  I have also tried applying a "Question" layout to the quiz.

I thought I must have clicked something unintentionally, so I reformatted the text boxes on the questions and resaved the file, only to have all that work reset again the next time I opened the file.

Is there a step I'm missing when I save and close the file that will allow the formatting to stay in the file the next time I open it.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Amy! Sorry to hear that you are having a tough time with this.  First thing, is your machine set to 96 DPI and at 100% zoom? Also, be sure that you are working on your local drive. If you are just having problems with one file, you could try to import into a new project. You didn't mention if you were still having these problems after publishing again, and you should be testing your content as your learner would access it.

Amy Schammert


Thanks for your response.  I wasn't familiar with the 96 DPI but I check the steps indicated and it is set correctly.   I am working on my local drive and the published files publish with all the newly introduced errors.   I ended up having to rebuild the quiz in Studio Quizzmaker as a temporary solution because I could do that faster than trouble shoot this particular issue.  It's not a long-term answer but it worked in the short-term.   It was frustrating though that a set of questions changes that should have taken 10 minutes led to hours of troubleshooting and rebuilding.  Definitely need to figure out what I did wrong before using the Quiz tool in SL again.

Thanks again for the suggestions.