Storyline Quiz Results Slide: last quiz slide skips over results slide on submit

Jun 17, 2015

I've created a course that has 9 quiz questions. The sequence I'm concerned about is:

  • Slide 3.10 (Last quiz slide)
  • Slide 3.11 (Results Slide)
  • Slide 4.1 (Conclusion slide)

When the learner clicks Submit on slide 3.10 I want it to go to the Quiz Results slide - SLide 3.11. However, this is not happening. From slide 3.10, clicking Submit skips slide 3.11 and goes directly to slide 4.1. However, if I click previous from slide 4.1, I see the results slide (slide 3.11).

I've attached the source file and would greatly appreciate any assistance. I use Storyline v2.

Thank you.

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