Storyline SCORM 2004: Completion State wiped when user revisits training a 2nd time.

Feb 11, 2022

Dear fellow Forum members!

we found that when users complete a training and revisits it two times after that, completion state is wiped upon exit.

This can be reproduced on Scorm Cloud with all trainings exported to SCORM 2004 3rd Edition and SCORM 2004 4th Edition.

This is serious. Our users are reviewing the content of a training that they completed before. Then they find themselves losing their training success because Storyline training turns "complete" to "incomplete".

I desperately turn to you because Articulate support apparently can't solve this. In numerous emails we tried to work around this issue. Now they say "met up with my team and found that this is the correct behavior" (Articulate Case # 02911855)

Steps to reproduce the issue:

  • Step 1: Export training to SCORM 2004 3rd or 4th Edition.
  • Step 2: Upload SCORM file to LMS, I use Scorm Cloud.
  • Step 3: Complete training and exit. Training is reported "complete".
  • Step 4: Revisit training, browse content and exit. Training stays "complete".
  • Step 5: Revisit training, browse content and exit. Training is reported "incomplete".

Sample files attached.

Demonstration video:

Forum: How are you dealing with this? Is there any workaround that you can help me with?

Thank you.

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  • The workaround suggested here using PASSED / FAILED does not fix this. Storyline training reports back completion state as incomplete when training is revisited and browsed for 2nd time as demonstated in this video.
  • Support suggestion does not fix this either. In fact, with 2004 4th Edition, Reset RunTime Data Timing is already set to Never and this issue still occurs.
    "On Scorm Cloud this can be done by following the steps below:
    1. Navigate to Course Properties
    2. Click on Compatibility Settings
    3. Look for the "Reset RunTime Data Timing" dropdown, and set it to Never"
Jose Tansengco

Hello Key Learning, 

Sorry to hear that you ran into this issue as well. I opened a support case on your behalf so we can get you in touch with one of our support engineers. 

We are currently tracking two issues which seem to be affecting courses that were published in SCORM 2004 3rd/4th Edition. If you're willing to share a copy of your project file through the support case that I opened, we'll be glad to test if there are any workarounds available that will work for your course. Please be on the lookout from an email from our support team!