Storyline SCORM packages not working in Blackboard on iOS devices

Sep 29, 2017

I'm trying to publish some Storyline modules into a course on Blackboard.  Students can access it fine from desktop computers, but they have issues with iPads and iPhones.  It will sometimes show on the iPad if you click around enough, but you just get a blank screen on an iPhone.  Any ideas?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Lisa!

I'm curious if the same problem happens when you test your file in a different LMS environment. SCORM Cloud is super handy for this kind of testing, since it's industry standard and it's free!

If you'd like, I can help you with that testing. Simply attach your file in a new thread comment, or share it with me privately here!

Ali Goulet

Hey Lisa,

Thanks for those details!

Alyssa's suggestion to test it out in SCORM Cloud will give us a better idea of whether this is LMS related or file related. If the same behavior happens on iPad and iPhone when your course is hosted in SCORM Cloud, then it's likely not an LMS issue. Have you had a chance to give that whirl?

We're also more than happy to help with testing! You can feel free to share your .story project here, and we'll work with you to track down the culprit. Add it right to a comment using the Add Attachment feature like this:

Keep us posted!

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