Storyline Screen Recording

I am recording a very quick sodtware demo in storyline.

Essentially the user clicks a drop down box, selects an option from the drop down, then the screen refreshes and is updated by the option chosen.

I am recording it as step by step slides in view mode.

I am having an issue in that the first two steps are recorded, select the drop down, choose an option, however the third step is missing - screen refreshes.

Th escreen cast records this step as I have previewed it before it is inserted in a slide.

My only guess is that itis not included as a step because it is not a user action.

Am i doing something wrong, or do I need to record it instead as a single video. If that is the case, it would seem odd, as surely a software demo should show the results of a user action not just the actions.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Grant King

Brian Batt said:

Hi Grant,

You may need to tweak that particular slide using the Action Fine Tuning feature.  For more infromation, see the link below:

Thanks worked a treat.

Is there anyway to cut out a section of the recording?

Christine Madden

I am having this problem as well.  When I insert the recording as slides in view mode - Storyline says it's creating 13 slides, but in the end it only creates 6.  There are huge chunks of my recording missing.  Yes, I can edit using the Action Fine Tuning, but this is a pain in this case and is requiring a lot of extra work.  Any other suggestions (other than re-recording?)

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Christine! The slides that are created are determined by Storyline based on the activity that occurs during the screen recording, so outside of Action Fine Tuning mentioned here, re-recording is your only option. There are also instances, such as this, where Storyline is not able to capture all the input. If you continue to have difficulty, you can submit a case for us to have a look.