Storyline slow as a snail - what's up?

Feb 18, 2016

I have lost over an hour work futzing around trying to figure out why Storyline is moving so slow. It was fine this morning- now I can't even move a text block without taking a coffee break while it does.

Yes, closed file, opened file, reboot computer, looked for any temp files- could not find them. Checked for updates. Checked tasked manager, etc etc etc .

Advice?? Please?? 

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Becki Firm

My file did this same thing before it became "corrupt" and a HUGE file size and now I'm unable to open it. My colleague shared with me when this happened to her that she copied all of her slides and then pasted them into a new Storyline file. I hope this helps you because now I can't figure out how to open my files back up to do this! (See current post.)  Good luck!

Carolyn Dolan de La Tour

Thanks for the response. I have opened multiple files- all do the same. I just Uninstalled Storyline 2- and reinstalled a new Storyline 2- same thing is happening. I have used this 5 days a week since Feb last year. Never had a problem. I have lost hours of work. I have a daily quota. I cannot create my Presentation. I am contacting Support.

Christie Pollick

Hi, Carolyn -- So sorry for your frustrations, and thank you for reaching out! I appreciate that you shared the the troubleshooting steps you have already attempted, and although I am not sure if you are using Storyline 1 or 2, I thought I'd stop in to share this article on Unexpected or Erratic Behavior as well as our System Requirements sheet for good measure. I see that your ticket, #00738971 has been received by Support, so you should be hearing from a member of that team shortly. I plan to follow along with their progress and will share relevant updates here for others who may benefit. 

Christie Pollick

UPDATE on Carolyn's case for others who may be following along and could benefit... The response she was sent from our Engineers is as follows:

"Thanks for contacting Articulate Support! 

I understand that Storyline 2 is hanging while you're working on your project. 

I'm sorry for the trouble this is causing you. It appears that the issue is the program itself since the issue is also happening to other project files. 

Please follow the troubleshooting steps in this article to fix unexpected or erratic behavior in Articulate Storyline 2. Let me know if you need anything else!"

Tim Pittman

Carolyn -- You did not mention whether or not you opened Task Manager to see if you are experiencing high CPU or memory usage. That is always the first thing to do when a PC is experiencing performance issues. If the CPU or memory is over 80% or so then you can sort by which processes are using the most of both. Just thought I would throw that in the mix. If Storyline is hogging resources then that might point to a problem with the story file or with the installation.

Malinda Kaempfer

I have lost two important files also showing as corrupted.  I am a new user to Storyline 2.  I have used it for only 6 weeks and both projects have corrupted multiple times.  It is very upsetting.

Total of 4 recoverable files since I started using it and 2 4 unrecoverable/corrupted files

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 7 SP1 or 32-bit
  • 4 GB Memory
  • Using latest version of Adobe Flash
  • Uninstalled and re-installed SL2
  • Rebooted PC multiple times b/c of erratic behavior
Wendy Farmer

Hi Malinda

are you working on your local drive and have all the assets for the project also on the local drive. Here are the recommendations from Articulate

Some users have reported that leaving SL open overnight may also cause erratic behaviour and recommend closing down the app when not in use.

Have you tried the repair option to see if that helps.

Christie Pollick

Hi, Malinda -- I agree with Wendy. If you have already run the repair and can confirm that you are working on your local C Drive, it may be time to have our engineers take a closer look at what may be taking place within your system. Please use this form to log a support ticket, and I plan to follow along with our engineers' progress on your issue. 

I also wanted to note in case you weren't aware, when you reply via email, the details in your signature are displayed publicly here in the thread. You are welcome to remove that information if you wish by using the EDIT button beneath your posts. 

Carolyn Dolan de La Tour

Thank you everyone. I do not use Storyline 2 online. I have it installed on my C Drive. I do not Publish the file. I upload the .story file to Dropbox.

I have had it since Feb. 2015 with no issues. I have checked all the basic and underlying causes it could be. I do know how to troubleshoot all of my software as well as my hardware. It is not just one corrupt file. I am not experiencing "corrupt files" at all. I can save, close, reopen, etc. with no problems.

It is every project I work on that is slow moving. I create eLearning Courses for a college. I create one new project a day. Again, I have done this for a year. Nothing is new, nothing has changed. But the fact that I have been experiencing this sluggish, slow process and hang ups. I uninstalled ( completely ) Storyline 2 last week when I could not find any answer and re-installed it again. I have all of my settings correct, my memory allocated the same as always, etc., etc.. Task manager does not show anything else zapping my power from it. I have plenty left to use.

Bottom line: Nothing has changed for a year- my work is the same, everything is set up the same, it's just the software that is now giving me a fit and I am losing production time for my job/employer. 

Christie Pollick

Hi, Carolyn -- Many thanks for the additional details, and all of that information will be vert valuable to our support engineers if you are able to share it with them, as well. It may be necessary for them to take a look at your system logs and analyze that information to determine to the root of the issue, so please reply to the email you were sent by our engineer, Renato, on 2/18/16 to let him know that running the repair steps suggested showed no improvement. 

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