Storyline = Studio 13 ?

Nov 14, 2012

We have read the details on the future plan of Studio 13 preview.

The features list is similar to Storyline. So is there is any plan to add Storyline in the studio pack or completely dissolve Storyline.

The two different tools with most of the similar features are seems very confusing to recommend to our clients.

Of course this is Articulate's future plan, but at this point we are not very sure whether we recommend Storyline to the client or wait till 2013.

Any thought?


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Bruce Graham

There are no plans, as I understand it, to "merge" the 2 products. One will keep it's roots to PowerPoint (Studio), one will not (Storyline).

They are different beasts, however, if you are confused - then I would recommend you put in a call to Articulate, and get to find out who your local sales rep is, and have a good chat with them.

They will - however - share many of the same features and a common engine under the hood.


Tom Dorsey

There are many things to consider.  The biggest pro of studio is using power point.  This gives a ton flexibility with animations, fonts, having a table in your course.  

Storyline seems as though it is best used for non-linear interactive courses.

Do you need a timer? Different Animations? Tables? Use pre-built interactions? Then I would choose Studio....

If a few basic lacking features do not bother you and you wish to let your imagination run wild with interactions, software simulations then i would choose storyline.

Efrat Maor

The main con in SL is the almost no animations (especially Wipe an motion) ,

Otherwise I do not see any big pros in using AP and PP.

The result of interactions in SL is much more elegant and give a more professional look to the course,   

the learning curve in minimal.

Unless you use (like we used to) the same presentation for an ILT course and some form of narrated-course, or you must have a customized player\skin (no SDK out for SL, and no release date either) - I do not see much pros in staying with AP and PP. 

It is very easy to built most of the pre-built interactions yourself, and they would look much better (as an integral part of your course, with all the images and text in it defined freely). The time it takes to define the simple most used ones (like tab, labeled graphics, timeline, and process interactions) is totally worth the outcome.  
Tables? Do you update your tables regularly? Even in PP I preferred designing my tables outside
(where I really needed one) and insert them as an image in PP.  

Troy Broas

I attended the Articulate Studio '13 Sneak Peak session given by Arlyn Asch at DevLearn 12 last October. During the session, he addressed many of the questions you posed. While the products do look very similar, there are some key differences. Below are the responses that he gave to the audience:

  • Articulate Studio ’13 is Targeted for Rapid Development using PowerPoint: Articulate Studio is still being positioned as the rapid development tool of choice that will be handy for SMEs to use to quickly develop e-learning modules. As we all know, Articulate Studio is very easy to use and almost anyone can quickly develop content with very little technical knowledge.
  • Articulate Studio ’13 Will Not Support Variables and Triggers: The biggest difference between Studio and Storyline is the ability to create triggers and use variables. Only Storyline will have this powerful feature, which means that you can potentially develop more complex projects using Storyline. This is also why Studio 13′ will be easier for the average person to quickly pick up and develop with. For some users, variables and triggers can be considered a more advanced development task.
  • Articulate Studio ’13 Will Not Support Layers
  • Studio and Storyline will not be merged into a single product 

I hope this helps.

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Darlene!

Thank you for expressing your interest in ActionScript 3 support for Articulate content.  We are actively working to support ActionScript 3 content in the next version of Articulate software.

We do not announce release dates for new features or products. However, if you would like to receive notifications when new updates and products are released, we recommend subscribing to the Articulate Word of Mouth Blog: 

In the meantime, you can incorporate ActionScript 3 content into your Articulate Presenter presentations using the Web Object feature as demonstrated in the following video tutorial:

Thanks very much and have a great day!

Kate Saynor

Can I just check some things about publishing for iPad and Iphone?

Storyline has a compatibility page on your site that compares Storyline's Flash, HTML5 and Articulate Mobile Player outputs. It shows that Engage interactions are not compatible for HTML5 and the Articulate Mobile Player app for iPad.

My understanding is that AS 13 will allow us to publish Engage files (and Quizmaker) to a format compatible for iPhone and Ipad viewing - is that correct?

Secondly, if we are preparing some animations for AS 13, what format do they need to be in, to be viewed on iPad and iPhone? I can see that SWF files don't work for Storyline when published to HTML5 and the Mobile player, will this be the same for AS 13 and if so what's the best alternative format for the animations to be made in to work?


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