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Jeff Tas

Thanks for the reply Richard, here is the problem though.

I have a project that has 2 slides - an intro slide and a slide that does all of the work.

The slide that does all the work already has 44 Layers on it - a layer for each product (43 products) where a user can select items relating to that product that they are interested in. Each item is a row of data (in a table format) and therefore the layer is made up of 6 columns x 13 rows and each cell in the table has data in it with an associated variable assigned.  The last column in the table is a checkbox used as a selection method for that row of data (item).  

The 44th Layer is a "Summary" layer.  On this layer, I would like to have a table that only shows items (rows of data from each of the 43 Products) where the checkbox for that row of data has been selected...so for example if you had a Product Layer called Fruit and on that layer you had a table with items such as :

Fruit         Name                   Colour   Column 4     Column 5     Checkbox (True/False)
Apples     Granny Smith     Green                                                 Selected, therefore True         

Bananas  Hardy                   Yellow                                                Not Selected, therefore False

Oranges    Seville                 Orange                                              Selected, therefore True


On the Summary layer, I would only want the data for Apples and Oranges to show.


Originally I thought of having the table on the summary layer built as a 6 column by 559 rows (13 rows per product multiplied by 43 products) and each cell within the table with their associated variable listed.  Then having a trigger on timeline start for that layer to hide all rows where the associated Checkbox variable = False so that from a users perspective they would only see rows of data they had selected.


If anyone can think of a better way though, I would really appreciate any ideas !!! :)