Storyline Update 1 - is this an "upgrade"

Aug 09, 2012

Regarding the new posting about Storyline update #1...

When researching my purchase 2 months ago, I inquired about updates, and was told about the Premium Membership Plan.

My experience with other vendors is that they come out with updates soon after the product launches.  My question is if I select the "download update 1" will that be the ONLY update I get with my original license?

Maybe it's a semantics thing.. is upgrade and update the same thing?

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David Anderson

Hi Karen,

Today's update is a free release--it doesn't count as an upgrade This is just an update with some new features and some fixes.

Updates are minor releases that fix issues or add some functionality. Upgrades are major releases and usually require payment. Today's update is free and therefore won't count against your PMP.

So, please, download and enjoy

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