Storyline version 2

Sep 16, 2014

My organization is contemplating the upgrade to version 2; however, we create courses for external clients who often make updates to the courses on their own. Would a course I created using version 2 be backward compatible to the client's storyline version 1 so that they could make updates? I'm so excited about version 2 that I hope so!

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Peter Phillips

We finally convinced our company to purchase several Storyline licences a mere nine (9) months ago (Dec '13). It took quite some arguing after the initial (expensive, for us) purchase of Studio '09 two-and-a-half years previously.

I've got to admit that the "Special" $699 (per user) upgrade price is not going to fly for our decision-makers, no matter what improvements the new version brings. A pity there is not a sliding-scale upgrade price, or some other form of purchase protection.

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