Storyline Variables based on system date

Aug 24, 2014

I was wondering if anyone knows whether or not Storyline has the ability to support a trigger/variable which would reveal a layer based on the current system date. The reason I’m asking is that I would like to create a “click to reveal” countdown calendar for an upcoming family event. The main page would have a picture of a calendar with “clickable” numbers which would reveal a layer with a picture and message on it. Once this layer has been revealed, they would then be presented with an option to return to the main calendar OR I might have the system return them automatically after the layer is displayed for a short period of time. The reason I want the specific trigger tied to the actual system date is because I want to restrict the viewer from skipping ahead to the future dates to “peek” what’s ahead.

Any ideas on this?

If not, I can simply link to other slides or layers when the date buttons are clicked but I was hoping to lock things down to create suspense.

By the way, I'm not familiar with Java script but am willing to try if someone can walk me through the steps.

Let me know your thoughts and thanks for your time and support!

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