Storyline very slow to load scene with video clips

Nov 21, 2014

Hi everyone,

I'm putting together a course and in one scene 2 of the slides contain video clips. When it's published and loaded to the web and I try to load the first page I get that little Storyline spinning circle thingy. Sometimes it loads ok but mostly it doesn't.

When I try to access the second clip  (they show 'before & after') it does the same thing although if anything it's worse. I waited 4 minutes once and it still hadn't loaded. They're both set to work on a trigger as opposed to automatically.

I've dramatically reduced the size of both clips and the video quality (down to 6) but I'm still having the same problem. On one laptop, when it does load, it's very jerky.

The rest of the course seems to run smoothly.

Is there anything I can do? Am I doing something wrong?




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