Storyline vs Studio - How to sell it to Mgmt

Mar 12, 2013

I have been given as short window of opportunity to make a presentation to purchase Storyline. We currently use Studio, but find it does not give us a lot of flexibility and the interactivity we would like to create. Does anyone have a summary or document on how Storyline increases your design options to create interactive courses over Studio?

If you have any advice on how to make the sales pitch in 10 minutes or less, it would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


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Peter Anderson

Hey Cheryl!

There are a few threads out there exploring the same thing. Here are just a few:

Are you anticipating any kind of specific questions to pop up during the meeting that we might be able to help with? 

Cheryl Theis

The selling point for the meeting is to explain the types ofinteractivity we can build in a course with Storyline that cannot be done inStudio 09.  The feedback we have received about our modules is they looklike too much like a narrated PowerPoint with tab screens added.

We do a lot of product training with details of components andhow the product is used in applications. Currently, we will have them click a transparent hyperlink to open a differentwindow with the detail content and zoomed image. Then they click a hyperlink toreturn to the main screen to click a different hyper link. One request was tomake this more animated and be all on one screen – like a mouse rollover oneach component that produces a pop-up window/screen that disappears when the mouseis moved.

I guess what I am trying to find is a detail explanation of whatStoryline offers over Studio 9 plus what  skill set it takes to develop in Storyline (iecoding experience)

Thanks for the links as they have a lot of good information forme to pull from.


Peter Anderson

Hi again, Cheryl

Coincidentally (or perhaps serendipitously), we just sent out an email this morning dealing with taking zoomed images and really bringing them to life. You can check it out here

And it sounds like our screen recording and software simulation capability might be a really nice selling point as well. 

The beauty of Storyline (and one of my favorite catchphrases) is that it's easy enough for beginners, yet powerful enough for experts. Meaning: there's no need for coding. Storyline's easy-to-use triggers allow you to build all kinds of fully interactive courses. 

If I were really trying to push the main difference between Storyline and Studio, it's that Storyline supports triggers, states, layers, and variables, all without the need for coding. 

Daniel Brigham


In my opinion, Storyline is the better instructional design tool. Slide layers make building scenarios easy. Variables help you give detailed learner feedback.

Studio (with PPT) is the better graphic design presentation tool. If you move to Storyline, you are going to miss many of Studio's features--motion paths, built-in Engage interactions, and all the graphic design tweaks you can make to text and images.

In the best of worlds, you would have both.

Cheryl Theis

I was glad to learn that I can insert Engage and Quizmaker into Storyline. As I compare the design features of Storyline and Studio to the feedback and suggests to improve our courses, it looks like Storyline meets more than Studio.

Hopefully, I sell this right and get the best of both worlds and happier clients.

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