Storyline Webcam - no audio

Jul 09, 2012

I just got Storyline and I'm using on my mac via Parrallels Desktop 7.   I click record and it capture the video fine through the built in camera but no audio.   I have Windows XP installed.   I have the Audio setting in the Sound Control panel set to Parallels Sound Card and Voice set to Parallels Sound Card (the only choices).   These both work fine for Skype and other applications I use - but not the Storyboard webcam.

If I go to More Device settings in Record Webcam in Storyline, I see:

Video Device: USB Video Device

Video Size: 320 x 240

Audio Device: none

All three are grayed out and I can't select or change any of these.

What needs to be done to make this work?

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Justin Grenier

Hi, Wayne.

It sounds like you've gone through most of this, but just to be certain, can you give this KB Article a look?

In addition, it looks like there are a few important tips for running Articulate software in a Mac environment with Parallels:

Lastly, I spotted an awesome blog post here on how to run Articulate software on a Mac.

Between those three resources, please let us know how it goes.  Good luck!

wayne schaaf

Yes - I already read the KB article and that's what my original post discussed as to what I saw when I did.

The blog article comments mentioned a couple folk who also did not have audio - but no response/solution was ever posted to their problem.

The article on using Articulate with Parallels talks about turning off Shared Profile and reinstalling Articulate.... which would be a pain but doable IF it means ONLY during the install.   Keeping it turned off, would force me to not to use Shared Profile for all my other Windows apps. on my mac which would be REALLY limiting.    

Only one thing in Storyline doesn't work as it is installed now --- audio.   In my original post, I note the Audio Device currently says "none" ... it that what it should be?   if not, how can this be changed?

Justin Grenier

Hi, Wayne.

To me, the article reads as though the Shared Profile could be turned back on after reinstalling, but I can't be 100% certain of that.  In addition, it seems odd that the built-in microphone words but not the webcam microphone, and it's a tad mysterious to me why the Shared Profile would have any impact on this at all.

I wouldn't want to steer you in the direction of the reinstallation if it's not a known cure, so I'd recommend submitting a support case to see if you can find out with certainty.  Good luck!

sonia fernandes

Hi all

Many problems realated with added sound in storyline (via mic or external files) can be worked oud in a simple way.

If your storyline was working perfectly some time ago and now your projects arent sound working, simply uninstall and reinstall storyline.

Some antivirus programs, or malware, trojan removers my affect some system files

Best regards to all

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