Stoyline should not send report to LMS until it reaches to result page

Hello team,


I have bank 31 question banks with total 450 questions in it.

My course is keep sending status to LMS in between of attempts. where it should send final score tO LMS only once I reached on result page.


I have use JAVA script on result page to send report to LMS on result page.

Also have added submit result trigger on result page only.


can you please help me out on this issue.

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Dave Cox

Hi Sagar,

Storyline sends results to the LMS many times as you progress through your module. At the very least, it will send an update after every question, and when each results slide is submitted. This allows for bookmarking and resuming course.

Storyline will also send an update to the LMS when you select the exit trigger. If you are sending your own results with javascript, be sure that you don't attempt to close the course using an exit trigger. I always add an extra slide where I notify the user that they have completed the course, and instruct them to close their browser window.

Dave Cox

Hi Sagar,

What a great question. As I don't know what your requirements are, that's a tough one.

But if you want to know if you can override what Storyline sends to the LMS, then the answer is yes. I've done it successfully many times, and I've helped other here on the board accomplish it as well. 

The key to sending your own score to the LMS is to be sure that your trigger on the results slide activates after the results slide's own submit results trigger. Also, be sure that you don't activate the exit course trigger, as this causes Storyline to send the results again, and override what you just sent.