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Jul 08, 2016

I have created a Menu slide with 6 buttons which go to the 6 scenes in the course. After completion of each scene the buttons change state/colour accordingly. This all works fine. However when I click the first 3 buttons this goes straight to the scenes but if I click the last 3 buttons there is a slight delay and all the buttons change to Normal state before it proceeds to the correct scene. If I amend the order of the buttons on the timeline this affects which buttons it happens too but I can only ever get 3 buttons working as I would expect. I have checked and the config for all 6 buttons is exactly the same and no additional code or variables. Can anyone help

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Lee

see attached - not sure if I've made it harder or easier for you ;-)

I removed your variables and set triggers to change the state of each menu item to started when the user clicks on the topic in the menu.

I created 7 T/F variables (T1_end-T7_end) all default False

Then I added in (for testing) a final slide to each topic. I created a trigger to adjust a T/F variable to True when timeline starts on final slide of the topic.

Then a trigger on main menu to change the state of topic item to Completed when timeline starts on the main menu on condition that T1_end = true.

I haven't taken into consideration your Topic 1.1 etc.

Hope this helps or gives you an idea.

Lee Compton

Hi Wendy. I have taken a look. I can see the problem is no longer there which is good. However in my project I am using 3 states ie normal at the start, visited once they have been into the topic and completed once they have reached the end. Since your 2 state works does this mean it relates to variables? Again I am confused as to why it works for the first 3 buttons

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