Streaming video and trigger

May 23, 2018

I use Storyline 360 to archive webinar videos that need to be tracked for completion through our LMS.  I have it laid out in 3 slides - one for the title, one for the web object linking to the streaming video, and one for the completion slide.  Completion of the "course" happens when users reach the 3rd slide.

On the slide containing the web object, I have a trigger that displays a "Complete" button when the video nears the end - the problem is the trigger time limit is 1000 seconds and many of my videos are much longer than that.  I also have the next button showing an error layer if it is clicked before a certain amount of time is spent on the slide.

Other than changing the triggers to no longer be limited to 1000 seconds, is there another way to ensure the video is watched for nearly the entirety?

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Joe Tansengco


May I suggest changing your trigger to something more suited for the task - such as using the 'Media completes' trigger. This way, you do not have to worry about the length of the video as the next slide itself can be set to trigger when the video completes regardless of the duration.

Hope this helps!



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