Struggle with using a .storytemplate-file

Oct 10, 2017

Dear all,

a colleague of mine created a .storytemplate-file (from an initial story.file and not by using teamslides). I have problems in opening the .storytemplate-file; it doesn't work at all. I attach the error message i received. 

I tried to open the .storytemplate-file on another computer and it works without any problems. I think the problem stays with my computer or is related to my storyline-settings. Is that possbile? Has anyone experience with a same or similar problem and could help?

I am also confused about the error message: the heading says "exception with power-point import" but, I tried nothing with using power point. 

Thank you in advance for your help.

Best, Katja

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Katja Lehmann

Hello Leslie,

thanks for your response. Meanwhile I could solve the problem on my own. My local hard drive did not has enough capacity to save the .storytemplate-file on the "Storyline Templates"-folder that is automatically created when opening a template. At least this was my explanation and after cleaning my local hard drive it works. 

But, anyway thanks for your response, which i really appreciated. 

Claudia Musekamp


I have another issue with a storytemplate. I prepared a nice template with variables used in a resultslide. 

When the client opened the project, the variables were not available anymore. 

I found a workaround by importing another resultslide from the content library which had the variables but it was very time consuming. 

Did anybody observe similar behavior?

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