Submit 100% result from the outcomes of various branches

Hi, folks

I hope someone will be able to help with this one...

Here's what I've got:

  • branching scenario with multiple successful outcomes (best, second best, etc.)
  • need to allow learners to print their result from final screen
  • need for result to show 100% result
  • need to submit result to LMS (Moodle)

The current set-up my team is working from is causing an issue with the scoring and we can't work out how to get around it.

Let's say there are four possible successful outcomes (which are all slightly different in their details and therefore require separate slides). In this case, when the learner reaches a successful outcome and submits/prints the results, it shows as 25% (100 / 4).

We have to have this "intermediary" slide with the quiz question (cunningly disguised as a [Finish] button!) so that the results get submitted as 100% (and not split between the possible options)

Where any of the possible successful outcomes produces a 100% result (printed and sent to the LMS)  -- without the intermediary slide.

Any ideas of how we can get this to work? (I have this sneaky suspicion it's something really obvious that we're overlooking so I appreciate any help you might be able to provide.)



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Meryem M


Did you find an answer to this?  I've got a similar issue.  I have a course with six branches, and want to report to the LMS (Moodle) that all six branches have been completed.  I'm playing with setting a variable (or score?) when each branch is completed, and then compiling those on a results slide that is reported to Moodle.  I don't really have a grade other than "completed."  

Does a Results Slide have to be reported to by a quiz?  Or can the Result Slide simply have variables inserted onto it.  Does the slide have to be actually viewed by the learner, or can it simply be submitted by a trigger on a "Done" button.   

And, what exactly happens when we "Submit" the result slide?  Does that mean that variables are updated on the slide?  That a file is written to be transferred in the SCORM package? 

If the result slided is "SUBMIT"ed more than once, does it overwrite the previous data?  Or does it simply add the new data to the info in the LMS, as a new attempt?  Or something else?

I'd really like to pin down the action of the Result Slide and data transmission to the LMS because this course is the first of many, and this is my prototype (and sandbox).

El Burgaluva

Hi, Meryem


>> Did you find an answer to this?


Not really. As you can see, no one has responded here. I also submitted a ticket and "kind of" got a response. Somewhat disappointing.

For the time-being I'm stuck with Version A, above. It's not awful; it's just a bit clunky in places. Oh well. **shrug**

So in the case of branching scenarios, my team use multiple Results Slides and put in some kind of dummy graded interaction (as per diagram, above) -- and "disguise" it as a [CONTINUE] button or something similar.

That way, no matter which "final slide" the learner ends up on, a 100% or 0% result is submitted to the LMS for each discrete pathway. (We found that pointing, for example, three possible successful outcomes at the same Results Slide ended up submitting a 33.33% result because it was splitting the results evenly, whereas we just needed the learner to end up on any of the three successful outcomes in order to score 100%) 


Re: your six-pathway course where all pathways need to be completed...

It's a little bit different to what I was trying to achieve, but maybe you could try something like this:

* Set up your navigation with a [FINISH] button initial state = disabled. Kind of like this:

* Create six True/False variables, e.g. variable = path1complete, etc. Initial value = false.

* Put a slide trigger on the Final Slide for each pathway: Adjust variable path1complete equal to true when timeline [of slide] starts, etc.

* Put a slide trigger on the [FINISH] button on your Master Slide containing the navigation: Change state of [FINISH] button to normal when timeline of [this slide] starts IF variable: path1complete = true AND path2complete = true, etc.

If they've completed all paths, all six variables should be set to true, in which case, the next time they load a slide using this Slide Master, the [FINISH] button will be active:

When the learners click the [FINISH] button, they are taken to a graded quiz question "outro" slide with some "Well done" information and/or feedback and comments or whatever.

On that slide, there is a button that says [SUBMIT RESULTS].Clicking that button (which is actually the "correct answer" in the dummy Pick One interaction" submits a 100% result to the next slide, which is a Results Slide containing a trigger: Submit results to LMS when timeline [of this slide] starts.

On this slide, you can have whatever you want. We tend to put a [Print Results] button to allow learners to print off a record of successful completion and a note to say this lesson is now complete.


Another -- more complicated -- way of doing it if you needed to collect more specific scores other than just Pass/Fail might be something like this:

Hope that helps.

I don't know the answer to some of the questions you've asked so I'll leave it to the experts. Sorry I couldn't be of any more help.