Submit button replaced by Previous/Next

I am having a quite strange problem.

The usual sequence is like this: (a) I change a Javascript script. (b) I save my file and Publish it. (c) I run the file on Firefox/Chrome using a local WAMP Apache server. I am running a Fill-in-the-Blank quiz page.

The Submit button is replaced by Previous/Next buttons even though my slide has these two buttons disabled.

There is a (strange) cure. If, BEFORE I save the lesson, I modify the size of one of the text boxes on the page, then the Submit button reappears. I always modify the same textbox so cannot say whether it is this specific box that matters or just modifying a box. I have deleted and replaced the box: same effect.

I am using articulate 2 latest version, firefox/flash latest versions, Win7 Home edition.

Any ideas??? Strange... Thanks



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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Andrew,

I haven't seen this set up - although I'm curious about the Javascript element? Are you able to replicate the same situation without that as well? What's the Javascript trigger set up for? I'm assuming you can see this on all files that you set up as such? Have you confirmed that you're working on local project files? Have you tested the published output within the intended publish environment instead of locally? 

If you'd like to share a copy of this .story file we're happy to take a look!