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I'm at the point of making basic decisions about which methods I will use for a course. My course will have a big scoring component. Learners should be able to get points with built-in interactions and questions, but also in custom interactions (not freeform). I plan to use triggers and variables to keep track of score.

Now my question: is there a way of submitting these scores to the LMS? As far as I can tell, the only time you can submit data is when you use a built-in question slide or freeform question.

I hope there is a solution for this. Your help is much appreciated!



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Madeline Goepp

I don't have a solid solution but I think I can help.  

It sounds as though you need to create your content and scoring component with Tin Can (also known as the Experience API).  You will need both an authoring tool and a LMS that support Tin Can and specifically Tin Can statements.  

Tin Can statements would be your scoring.  The way Tin Can statements work is, the authoring tool will collect information in a "noun, verb, object" format and will report this to the LMS for reporting.  An example of a Tin Can statement being "Ayoub, scored, 5 points". 

The problem with Tin Can is that because it can report a wide range of stuff, it may be difficult to create statements that are helpful and report in a way that is useful.  

...And this is where I can't help any further.  If no one else responds or until they do, take a look at for further information.

Ruth McElhone

Hi Ayoub,

Storyline does not report the value of variables to an LMS.  However, you may be to communicate variables to an LMS using the following technique...

There's been some previous forums about this with some other workarounds...I've put the links below.

Job Vlaming

Thanks everyone for your help!

I think I''ll look into the custom javascript method of sending data. Doing it by using hidden quiz result slides limits me to reporting text variables and I need to report mainly numeric stuff.

I will be using  a Tin Can LRS probably.  Making choices about what sort of statements we will use is one of many challenges on the road ahead!