Survey- Likert Scale Interaction

Aug 03, 2020


My team and I would like to create a Survey with a section containing Likert Scale Questions that trigger text quiz slides. Specifically, if a learner chooses 4 or 5 for Disagree or Strongly Disagree, we would like to jump to a data entry quiz slide where the learner will be asked to explain why they disagree with the statement. The issue is we don't see an option to create a trigger to 'Jump to Slide' for the individual Likert Scale buttons. Are we missing something? How can we achieve this?

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Ren Gomez

Hi Jay,

Thanks for reaching out! With a built-in Likert survey question, it's not possible to access the individual radio buttons as Storyline treats the question and row of buttons as one section.

It sounds like you may benefit from a Freeform-style type survey question as you'll be able to manipulate each button. Feel free to take a look at this discussion for some inspiration:

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