Survey Results without LMS?

May 05, 2014

Hi, is it possible to publish a Storyline course of survey questions to web format, and then be able to receive the survey results in some sort of output?

My objective: because we use Storyline to develop our courses, we'd like to also use a familiar interface for managers in our company who are making a first-time request for a course. In short, I'd like to build a Storyline course that has survey questions (for example: who is the SME for your proposed course; what is name of the course, etc.) We'd like to place the survey on our intranet so that whenever someone needs to request a training course from our department, they take and submit the survey, and we in the training department capture the initial specs for a course. I realize that capturing this kind of data is something that can be done via forms in PDF, etc. But folks in our company are very familiar with and love the Storyline interface. Therefore, it makes sense to use the same tool to capture course request details. However, we do not want to host this survey on our LMS.

Thank you for any/all advice.

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