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May 01, 2019

Hi all,

I thought I'd have a go at building a feedback survey, having not used surveys before, using the Fractal Theme. It does seem though that there is only one survey question type to pick from in this, or in any other themes. So whilst I can use a Likert scale slide, I can't use a short answer, or any other type of survey question.

Is this right? Am I missing something obvious here? Doesn't make any sense to have a theme that only has limited scope. :-(



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Noel Read

Hi, I have noticed this as well. You can insert other survey question types, but the theme is not the same (only has the options of Light and Dark). You can then apply your current theme to them - but then you have some rework to do. There might be an easier way but I haven't come across it.

Also, if you go to insert a survey slide you will initially see all the types of survey slides you can insert, but if you click on your theme you will only see the Likert slide and you can no longer see the other survey slide types even if you try to click back on the other theme. To actually insert a different survey question you need to click on Survey Question and then click on the type of question you want to insert it, and then change its theme after it's been created.

Paul Williams

Hi Alyssa, yes, I've tried that process, but it isn't the same as having the template. For example, I used a 'Fractal' Likert question. This came with two text fields, one set in a nice yellow bar across the screen, a submit button and a layer that says thanks for completing the question. 

Using Crystal's process, I added a standard short answer question. I then applied the Fractal template to it. However, all it seems to have sent across is the background Fractal image. It's got no yellow banner across it, no submit button, no layers.

I understand that it would need a Next button rather than a submit button, but the button should be in there, as it's part of the design. I had three members of my team test the screens as they were produced, and not one realised that you had to tick the next icon to move on, because they were looking for the next button similar to the first submit button.

There's actually quite a lot of work to do to try and make the new slide match to old one, either by copying and pasting elements across from one slide to the other and tweaking them, (submit to next etc), or building them from scratch. I just feel it would just make sense to have the templates built so you can just pick them.

Thanks though. It's been enlightening, although as the export options don't appear to support our needs for the survey, I don't think we'll be able to use them anyway. :-(

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