Switch to notes (in player menu)

Is there a possibility to switch to the notes view in the player menu using a button on the main slide? I would like to add a button on the main slide that switches to the notes view when the user presses it (button). Also, I would like this option to be set globally. That is, once the user clicks on that button the notes view should be the default view for new slides as well.



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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Rahul,

I don't think you could use a button to switch views, but would it work for you if the Notes were in the default space on the left hand side and the menu was accessible through a drop down? You'll see I've included an image below. Additionally, if you'd want only the menu to show on the first slide you could modify that slides properties using the little gear icon within Slide view to take the notes off that slide and leave only the Menu (still accessible via a drop down). 

Rahul Jain

Hi Ashley,

Allow me to explain the problem in detail. The notes that are associated with each slide are transcripts of the audio files that are associated with each slide. To cover aurally impaired users, we were asked to make it easier for the users to get to these transcripts.

We are trying several approaches, and it seems to be difficult to arrive at a consensus.

To preview the first approach that we tried, please use this link: http://test.ageweb.ch/texttest/story.html

How it works.

- By default, the text is hidden.
- If you click on the "T" icon (the icon is a temporary one, it will change later) the notes become visible.
- This transition is permanent. For example, if you enable the notes on the first slide, and then navigate to the next one, the notes associated with that slide will be visible.
- You can click the "T" icon again to hide the notes.

The advantage of this approach is that a slide can have multiple layers and each layer has a separate media file and thus a separate transcript. This will allow for the layer to only show the transcript associated with it.

The disadvantage lies in the fact that it is a lot of work and interferes with the design of the project (hides the breadcrumb).

An alternative approach would be to use what you suggest. Keep the text in the left hand panel and move the menu to the top left.

The major problem with this approach comes in dealing with associating notes to different layers. Is it possible to associate notes to each layer separately?

So you see our problem is that we want to:

- Make the notes easy to access and more visible.

- Still associate notes with each layer separately.

If you could suggest a good solution for this problem, I would be very thankful.