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Brian Batt

Hi Eric,

Usually, I'll close any opened programs that I have and then try publishing to the Web.  After that, try resaving your project.

If you still have issues, submit a support case to us by using the link below:


Then, include the .story file with the steps necessary to hit that message.  I'll try to replicate the issue on my machine.

Bill Harnage

I've had this pop up once or twice and I've got 8gb of ram and have seen a similar save issue in Flash.  I believe it's a file/system problem that occurs w/ the actual file.

If the file local or on a network share?

Do you have any type of defragger that works in the background?

My theory is that at some point said file gets a burp in the network location or another process is accessing the file just as you want to save it.  Just a theory because of how rare I've had it happen.

A - If you're lucky  you can open another instance of SL > copy the slides over > close old SL instance > Save new SL project.

Yes, you can open multiple instances of SL.

B - Copy all the slides > close SL > reopen > paste slides.

C - You're SOL if you haven't saved recently and A or B don't work.

CTRL+S to save and save often.  It's second nature for me no matter the app I'm in, but I wish all apps had auto-save features.

Bill Harnage

Hi Bill,

Windows only allows 32 bit applications to address up to 2GB of RAM (I think the technical number is actually around 1.75GB due to memory requirements in the operating system).

Hey Brian,

I think we're both right, actually. If I understand this correctly, physical limit is 4gb, but 32bit only recognizes 3.5gb.

Individual application limit is 2gb.


Eric Nalian

Something little that I found helped a lot - On WIndows 7, you can have the option of having the desktop background change every couple minutes.  Turning that off significantly boosts system performance.

I started saving after completing 1 or 2 slides, as opposed to just a general 'Save after every 30 minutes', and that helped too.

Tom Dorsey

i have used a program called ntcore that converts the 32 bit exe to allow it to take advantage of 4 gigs of ram.  i am sure this is in no way support by articulate by it has worked amazing.  before the program always crashed when it hit 900 mb ram.  i have had it hit as high as 1.8 gigs usage without crashing (yet).

keep in mind, this will only work if you have x64 windows.


Frederic Waymel

Hi 2 U,

i've already had that trouble of memory on my computer.

I'm wondering if the update 2 of SL didn't need more memory then the oldest version.

In fact, my last project is actualy of 50Mo, but when i looked on the windows task it's more than 500Mo that are used by SL. I've loose my last modifications because i can't saved my project at home. At my office, with seven 64 bit and 12 Gb of memory , i seen the same hit on the task.

This week with 2 instance of SL i have seen SL using 1.6Gb for the first one and 400 Mb for the second, finaly i've crashed also my principal project.

Is it possible in that case to to something with the *.~story files?

Nevertheless in SL we trust !