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Mar 06, 2013

How to set tab order for accessible objects in a storyline slide?

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Kriss Laber

I have to disagree. I made a one-slide course and placed ond text block. There are 3 bullets and it is animated by pop level. Then I adjusted the three bullets to synch with a 6 second audio track. When I tab, the order is:

  1. stage area
  2. bullet 1
  3. text frame containing bullets
  4. bullet 3
  5. bullet 2

It appears to be totally random

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jure,

Thanks for sharing your file here. You mentioned the tab order is occurring "randomly" and I'm unsure what you mean by that based on this set up. The tab order is set up per slide, and it looks like you've enabled a number of items on the layers and base slide, so that those items are all being tabbed? Is that the element that you mean by random? If you could share a bit more information about what you're expecting to see vs. what you are seeing that would be helpful.

Also, as you mentioned there is not a "scroll" option when adding new elements to the tab order. 

Jure Gabrovšek

Sorry for such a scope post :)

So i want to set the order for the tab button. I set it as it is show on the picture Capture list, so that is the order i want to have.  And the result what i got tested in preview Articulate is shown in video Random tab (sorry for big video size)!

Bug: Problems with a list where you can add more options to the tab order! in the second video

And also is there a way to delete items that are not on the base layer from the tab order list? Because i do not need them if they are not from the base one!

Thank you :) 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jure,

Thanks for sharing the videos and additional information. I tried setting up some radio buttons in a scrolling panel as well to see if I could recreate the random tab order, and everything follow what I set in terms of the custom tab order I've set up. Also, even though I can see the "incorrect/correct" layer elements in the tab order, they dont' appear to be tabbed to unless the layer is showing. 

Can you confirm that you're working on files as described here? 

I also seem able to delete items from the custom tab order if they appear on the slide layers, with the exception of elements that are drawn in from the master slide - so for example, the incorrect layer text box, can be deleted but not the line within the text box that separates the title from the rest of the pop up. 

Kevin Brake

Based on my review of your code stripped down with nothing else on the screen revealed the following.

My test results have shown that the tabbing order does not work within an Articulate Storyline 2 - Scrolling Panel.

As you can see from the attachment, the tabbing order is correct.  However during the test rendering of the scene the tab order is not maintained inside a Scrolling Panel.

I would recommend breaking the content into separate slides, 3 or 4 questions per/slide for example.

At this time, I would avoid using tab-able content inside of a Scrolling Panel.

My two cents, however... I am sure an official answer from Articulate is either on the way or a patch maybe in the works.

All the best,


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Kevin,

I tested your file and could tab in the normal order, although it wasn't in a scrolling panel? And could on my own brand new file with the information in a scrolling panel but within Jure's original file there was odd behavior of the tabbing order. So that's where it's a bit tricky to narrow down the issue - do you have a file with the scrolling panel where it doesn't work? You'll also want to confirm that you were working locally as described here. 

Kevin Brake

The version of the file above is the content outside of a scrolling panel this method has no tab control issues.

I was working on the file locally on my hard drive, I had two instances of Storyline 2 open. 

I copied the content from the non-functioning example that Jure provided into a new file.  My hope was if a file corruption existed it would not carry over into the new file.

In the example below you can see tab control works fine when his content is outside of the Scrolling Panel.  As well, the file shows the same content in a scrolling panel and the tab control does not work as it should.

I would suggest from this point contacting Jure directly for more information.

So no confusion exists, please view the MP4 file to see a video of exactly what is being shown on my end.

All the best with the identification of the issue and development of a solution.


Alex Fudio

I'm having the same / similar issue. i have several text boxes on a slide. the tab order works perfectly fine in the preview but seems to be completely randomised once the project is published.

i tried removing the accessibility tool checkbox but that didn't make any difference. any suggestion would be greatly appreciate


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