Tab Resources not in the Player

Hi, we plan to get Storyline360 so now I'm practising on a free 360 trial. I have imported a project made in SL2, and my problem is that the Resources tab is simply not there in the Player.

However, the small test projects I've created from scratch in SL360 does show the Resources tab in the Player. Am I missing something crucial here, or why does the Resources tab not show in a project imported from SL2? Would appreciate help!

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Allison Goldthorpe

Hi Margita,

Perhaps some of the player settings got changed during the import. Go to Home tab > Player and then make sure this button is checked:

Storyline player settings

Hopefully, the resources are stored in the project so you don't have to recreate them. More information about resources can be found here.



Margita Tornqvist

Hi Allsion, and thank you for replying. Unfortunately, in this case it is not a question about the Resources button being checked or not - the button does not exist! Resources is there under the Properties tab, and contains all the material and links it should, but as it is not a Player tab I cannot make it appear in the course...  Anything else I could check?

Thanks, Margita

Margita Tornqvist

Thanks Phil and Wendy. What would I do without heroes?! 

I had noticed that there was an Attachments tab, bud didn't understand it was same as Resources. In SL2, the tab is still named Resources, so is it really possible that it renames itself while uploading in SL360 format?

Anyhow, I got into Text labels and changed it back, so now it is back to normal. Thanks again!