Tabbing to hyperlinks within a textbox (accessibility) not working - Storyline 360

Feb 05, 2018

I am unable to use the keyboard to access a hyperlink within a textbox. I saw in this post that this was an issue with Storyline 2. Has anything been done with Storyline 360 to fix this issue? If not I would like to use one of the work-arounds suggested on that post (creating an 'invisible' button that the user can tab to and activate the link), however, when using a screen reader like JAWS, when you tab to the textbox containing a link, it does not say anything about the link being present, but at the end of the paragraph it says the phrase "use the spacebar to activate". I assume this is because there is a link in the textbox, but hitting the spacebar does not activate the link. This is very confusing for the user. I have attached one of my slides with this issue below (I changed the link as it is supposed to be linking to our intranet).

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Stefaniada Voichita

Hi there,

Are the hyperlinks fixed now after the latest upgrade as of Oct 27, 2020? This is a huge issue and very important for accessibility. As a result I can't release the module I am working on. It raises the question why Articulate can't make even this simple feature functional. More so when few months ago it worked, What happened? I am puzzled. Please advice. Thanks. S.

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