Tabulating the Results of a Question Bank

Dec 04, 2023


In the course we are developing, we will present the learner with a set of questions at the beginning of the course. We will then deal with the core concepts. Finally, in the end, we will present the same set of questions that were answered before. The responses to individual questions (before and after) will then have to be tabulated.

Are there any built-in variables that I can use to tabulate individual responses?



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Sam Hill

Hi there. This is possible, but it's not really straightforward.

Firstly, the variables you are looking for are not exposed within the Storyline pre-defined variables. In order to access the data you need, you would need to use the  Print results trigger after the quiz results have been processed.

Once the Print results trigger has been run, a new object is available via JavaScript DS.presentation.ReportQuizVars. This is use by a page call report.html which Storyline bundles with the project when the print results trigger exists within a Storyline module.

The report.html page then accesses the required object DS.presentation.ReportQuizVars which contains all available quiz data. This is then used to populate the report.html page.

So, to summarise, the data is there, under specific circumstances (the Print results trigger is run). 

In order to compare two sets of results, you would need a custom report.html page. An experience JavaScript programmer would be need to do this for you. If that's you, then you will be able to figure out the rest.

I'm including a video to show you some of this stuff in Storyline.