Test Mode Simulation Review Results Showing Incorrect for all Questions


I've created a course with simulations for a proprietary software (so I can't share it here). In the course I have View, Try and Test Modes. I've added results slides to each section with a Test Mode, and then have an aggregated results slide which will send the score and completion to the LMS. Each test simulation requires a passing score of 100% and I'd like my learners to be able to review the answers after they complete it in order to see where they got one wrong. However, when you select "Review Quiz" it shows that each answer is "Incorrect." Is there a way around this? I read another post that said that it had something to do with the revisited slide settings, but I hesitate to change those since I want people to start the simulation over if they exit. Is this possible? 



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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Samara,

You're right that you'll want to set the slide properties to "Resume Saved state" to allow a learner to review the course and see how they answered. If you want learners to take the quiz again, you can use the "Retry" button on the results slide and that has the built-in triggers to reset everything.

If you are also looking to have learners restart the entire course if they exit or close it, that's a setting within the Player properties. You'll be able to set the resume for the entire course there to "Never resume" and they'll always start anew.

Let me know if you have any other questions!