Test Up Front - course won't complete

Jan 24, 2018

In our LMS we need to set the LMS Reporting drop down to Completed/Incomplete.  I created a course, assessing the users knowledge upfront and if they achieve a score of 90% or higher, the user jumps to the end slide and finishes.   Anyone with an 89% or lower must take the full course.  The problem is for those who "pass" with a 90% or above their courses are never showing as "Complete" in our LMS.   There doesn't seem to be any action I can put on the slide to say when "passing" to complete the course.  Does anyone have any ideas on how to complete these courses for those with 90% or above?  



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Judy Nollet

Things to check:

  • Verify that the Passing Score is set to 90%.
  • Check how many points are assigned to each question. If one question is inadvertently worth more or less points than the others, that can throw off the score. 
  • When publishing, Tracking should be set to Track using quiz results. This, obviously, means you need to have a Results slide (i.e., you can't track the score with your own variables). 
  • When tracking via a test, Storyline only submits the score from one Results slide. So if you have a pretest and posttest, be sure to use the same Results slide for both.  

Good luck!

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