Text Box Auto-generation Annoyance

I made a post on this a while back, when I first started playing with Storyline for my job that didn't get any replies. It's gotten to the point that it is excessive and highly annoying.

If I have a small text box, and I delete it, it will generate a full-slide size blank text box afterwards.

In the simple example shown in the image, I have 12 text boxes that wipe in from the left, in time to my presentation. If I select all of these for whatever reason to delete them (lets say I duplicated the slide for the formatting, and now I want to create the next slide), it will delete all 12 text boxes and slap 12 overlapping full-slide text boxes. Which I must click, delete, click, delete, click, delete, click, delete, click, delete, click, delete, click, delete, click, delete, etc.

How can I turn this behavior off?! It is driving me nuts! The best part, is I have not quite nailed down when exactly it does it. Sometimes when deleting some text boxes it doesn't do it. And other times it does.

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Ren Gomez

Hi Nicholas,

Thanks for reaching out and sharing that image! I see where my teammate, Leslie, offered to look at your file in your previous discussion. This will help us get a better idea of what's happening since the behavior doesn't always appear.

Feel free to use the link she shared there or connect with our support engineers, and they can help troubleshoot the file!