Text Boxes constantly resizing themselves!

Apr 01, 2014

When working on my project, the text boxes are probably the most annoying things to work with; they are CONSTANTLY resizing themselves, by enlarging and leaving blank space at the bottom of the box.  There is nothing down there but blank space.  How do I stop this from happening?  I have spent more time adjusting and readjusting the text boxes than anything else on this project!

I have attached a screen recording that I hope will help someone figure out where I am going wrong.

Please HELP!


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Kerry,

Thanks for sharing the video, and I'm sorry to hear about the carpal tunnel! Let's see if we can fix it, and I'd like you to check into the following things that could help us isolate the behavior:

  • As Lara mentioned, you'll want to work at the slide zoom view of 100% - otherwise text boxes or text may shift when clicking outside or previewing. 
  • Next, what's your DPI setting? It should be 96 DPI as described here
  • Are you working with local project files? Working on a network or USB drive could cause odd behavior. 
  • Have you looked at the text box property settings to see if there is something odd occurring there? 

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