Text Boxes/Shapes with Fill and Dotted Border

Sep 17, 2019

I have an existing course that has some text boxes with a fill and a dotted border. When making changes to the course and republishing it the fill and borders disappeared. The only way to fix this was to change the dotted border to a solid border. The course was published as FLASH only (as we can only use FLASH output at this stage). 

I have added 2 images. The first one shows the original (yellow) box in the middle - above it is a box with no border and below is one with a solid border. This is how it looks in Articulate. When published to FLASH and previewed through the tool we use to load content to our LMS, the result is how you see it in the second image. Original image loses dotted border and fill, image above stays the same and image below stays the same indicating that it all has something to do with the dotted line and FLASH (seems to render okay on HTML5 preview from Articulate).

Has something happened that has caused FLASH output not to read dotted borders and also remove the fill?

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William Beardsley

I get the feeling that you are not using the same parameters as I am. The course must be published as FLASH only and it must be previewed either in Review or through a tool (such as we use to upload our content to our LMS) in IE11. I copied one of my pages to a new file and changed the border to a dotted line and I got exactly the same result both in review and when previewing from my tool - i.e. no fill and no line.

Lauren Connelly

Hi William!

Thank you for sharing the file! I did test it as Flash only in IE11, and saw exactly what you see! Also, I tested in Chrome, imported into a new project, and changed the fill color. Unfortunately none of those steps worked. Lastly, I changed the publishing format to Flash/HTML fallback and that did the trick! 

Would that be an option?


William Beardsley

Unfortunately it's the likelihood that using the HTML5 fallback is giving you the better result. Our LMS currently launches in a backwards compatible version of IE11 which essential makes it run like IE8. This means that the benefit you likely gained by using the HTML5 fallback would not work in our current environment.

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