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May 08, 2015

Hi Guys

Has anyone else experienced anything similar?

For some reason on one of my slides the text changes when I preview but for only half of the text on the page! 

It becomes a sort of half bold/darker colour??


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Emily,

Does the text include a variable reference or a text entry? Could you tell us more about the set up or behavior you're seeing? You're welcome to share a copy of your .story file here if you'd like us to take a look at it. Have you also looked at testing the published output within the intended environment to see how it behaves there as well? You may want to review a few of the testing options outlined here. 

Emily Bramley


It's just a simple text box with a fade animation on.. it fades in and then stays there until the user clicks ''next'' to advance to the next slide.

Yes, I published to our LMS and the issue was still there. I got round it with trial and error (for some reason if I stretched the text box it stopped, but I can't do that for everything!

Is there an existing problem with text imperfections? 

I also notice that when one word in a sentence is made bold, that word is also then not aligned with the rest which is strange!

Thanks for your help.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Emily!

We had an update that addressed some text formatting issues as you can read here, but it sounds different from what you are experiencing. Would you be able to share your .story file for us to take a look at as Ashley mentioned above? If you cannot share here in the forums, you are welcome to share here privately.

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