Text Disappearing in Firefox 53 and IE 11 (Storyline 360 output)


Some of the text (2-3 lines of text) disappears and appears randomly in Firefox and IE 11 for HTML5 output published from Storyline 360 while Chrome displays the text perfectly.

We are using a custom font provided by the customer. The issue occurs randomly in both browsers.

Has anyone faced a similar issue & is there a resolution?



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Crystal Horn

Hello Ravi.  Thanks for posting your findings!  Would you be able to work with our support team so that we can get to the bottom of your font issues?  We are aware of an issue with a certain font and diacritic characters -- do the lines of text that are missing use those special characters?

If you can note the font that you're using and even attach a copy of your .story project in a case with our engineers, that would be so helpful!  Thank you again.