Text entries not being captured during screen record

Nov 16, 2023

Hi there, I urgently need help!! 

I captured a simulation in Sabre an application we use here and did a test to ensure its all working ok when using Record Screen (Try mode). So, during the test slides I was able to capture the Text Entry slides in Try mode. Now, having tested and working as anticipated I proceeded to capture the final simulation and to my surprise the output is not what I did during the screen recording! For example, you can see at the beginning of the scene there are no text entries and whats strange you see that text has been entered but no text entry slide but at the end there is - how bizarre! I am working to a tight deadline and would welcome any help! 

Thanks and look forward to why Storyline maybe behaving as it is.



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Steven Benassi

Hi Bhagvat!

Sorry to hear you're text entry fields aren't being captured correctly in screen recordings!

Our development team is tracking a known bug that causes Screen recording inserted as step-by-step (Try mode steps) slides generates text-entry slides incorrectly.

If you're comfortable sharing a copy of your project file, I'd be happy to test the behavior on our end and confirm if you are being affected by the same issue. Feel free to upload it here in the discussion or privately through a support case.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Steven Benassi

Hi Gail!

Sorry to hear this has been such a pain point for you!

I see that you have been working with some of our support engineers through different cases. It looks like my colleague Dexter replied to your e-mail letting you know that:

"Upon reviewing the Storyline project you attached to this case, it appears that the text entry field in the screen recording's Try/Test mode is occupying the entire slide. This is a bug we're currently monitoring and I'll add your case to our report so our developers can prioritize accordingly.

As a workaround, you can resize the text entry fields in the generated Try mode slides".

Your feedback has been logged in the open bug report that's being tracked for this issue. We'll update this discussion as soon as a fix is in place.

Thank you for your patience. Sorry if this has been slowing you down!