Text Entry not able to type

Aug 07, 2015

One of my customers is having an issue that I've never seen before. When she gets to a text entry field and tries to type, it seems to try to submit the entry as soon as she starts typing! she can type 1-2 characters then they submit and since she cant write the whole word out she is stuck in one of the modules. She has tried this is firefox and Internet Explorer and it causes the same issue. In firefox the spinning loading wheel appears while shes trying to type.

I've tested this myself, but I cannot recreate the issue. The course works fine for me and everyone else whose taken it so far.

Has anyone experienced this issue before? Is it perhaps a setting in the browsers, or on her computer that might be messing up? I suggested she restart her machine and clear her browser cache to see if that helps, but beyond that I'm stumped. Any ideas?


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jackson,

I'd be stumped to - presumably she's accessing the course through these browsers are her PC? Is she trying to view the HTML5 content by accident - as both those browsers won't play well with HTML5 output and as such aren't supported. Can you get her to go through a screen recording of the behavior to be able to demonstrate it to you? 

Restarting and clearing cache are always good starting point! Keep us posted on what you're able to figure out. 

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