Text entry plus TAB for system training?

Feb 25, 2014


I'm a huge Storyline fan, but system simulation is proving more difficult than it should be.  At any rate, hoping this particular issue is caused by user  denseness and can be quickly solved.

 I'm trying to create a scenario where the user enters an iD via a Text Entry Box and then hits TAB (i.e., entering a User ID then tabbing over to the next field to enter your password). Unfortunately, TAB moves the focus to the feedback box then puts a yellow box around it.

Any suggestions? I know that TAB is moving the focus to the next field (or the front object, which happens to be the feedback box). Is there any way to control this? Haven't found it yet by searching.

Again, really hoping system training is a focus for the next upgrade,



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Kelly,

This is an accessibility feature that assists those who are using a screen reader. By default, the yellow box will travel from the upper-left corner of the slide to the lower-right corner.

You can control which objects will display the yellow box and which ones won't. Bear in mind that if you turn off this accessibility feature for a crucial item on the slide, screen readers won't be able to communicate the necessary information to your users.

Use the Size and Position window to disable this accessibility feature for any object on the slide. (It's enabled for all objects by default.) If you want, you can also specify alt text for any accessible object. For more information, including a video on how to modify it please review this tutorial. 

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