Text Entry problem

Having an issue with a text entry exercise created using Storyline 2. Created a question bank and am pulling all questions randomly from the bank. Here is a screenshot of what is happening when students are trying to enter their text:

storyline problem

Each question has two to five possible answers. Each question has feedback. Each question can only be answered once. The Storyline exercise has been uploaded into our learning management system (D2L). Thanks for any information.

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Amber Price

Yes, the issue is happening when the students are working through the practice questions, typing in the answers, and then when they click the "submit" button is when those boxes pop up. The exercise is in the LMS. (We use D2L) It is not happening on every problem, either. I believe there are 90 questions being randomly chosen throughout the exercise. Maybe it is a browser issue? Not sure. Lots of things at play. Thanks so much for the feedback and help!

Amber Price

The example you shared seemed to work fine (at least the few questions I went through). I will let the instructor know about which browsers are best for the Storyline activities. Our students use a wide variety of browsers and platforms. I will find out from the instructor if this alleviates the issue.