Text Entry User notes on all slides?

Hi there, 

I need to create a section of the slide or player where users can write themselves notes based on the videos and training they see. I need their notes to be available on all slides. However, when I add a new text entry box toa  slide, it defaults empt. How can I get their notes to pass from one slide to the next and still be editable? Thank you so much, 


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Carlos Rubinstein

Hi Spencer,

Great idea! I decided to give it a few minutes of experimentation, and this is what I came up with.

There are three pieces to making this work (my sample .story file is attached):

  1. A text variable to contain the user entries, i.e., %UserNotes%
  2. A data entry field on every slide, with a reference to %UserNotes% in it (replace the default text with "%UserNotes%"), and the data entry field's trigger set to write out to %UserNotes%.
  3. Another trigger that sets the data entry field's original output field equal to %UserNotes% when the slide timeline starts. I don't know why this is needed, but it doesn't work for me without it. Greater minds than mine might be able to explain why.

Note: If the data entry field is at the bottom of the timeline stack, it will be focused, i.e., its text is selected, when the slide starts. Any errant keystroke by the learner will erase ALL the text, so place another object at the bottom of the stack.

This is just a starting point; you should read the post on Javascript: http://community.articulate.com/forums/t/13231.aspx

to get some ideas on what to do with %UserNotes% later, such as emailing it to the learner or a reviewer...