Text Holder in Slide Masters not working


I've been having this recurrent issue since ... a long time ago.

I've been doing different tests, and I just can't get the text placeholders to work for me.

The process is simple: I create a Master Slide, I put a couple of text placeholders (title, subtitle, one green and the other one gray) and hope for it to appear on my slide when I apply the slide Layout based on this Master (I have added and Not added the elements to the slide layout... none of these work), but it doesn't. Or even worse, it works halfways. I get one of the placeholders but with a different color, or they switch places (When I enter some text at right, it moves at left) and I simply cannot have both of my placeholders working, and with the right colors, etc.

I've lost all hope, It's just plain weird because there isn't a consistent behaviour.

Hope anyone can help.


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Lauren Connelly

Hi Melissa!

This doesn't sound right. Would you mind sharing the affected file so that I can start troubleshooting?

Also, is this occurring in multiple files or just one? Also, which version of Storyline are you using?

To share the file, you can either share it in this discussion by using the "Add Attachment" button, or you can share it with me privately by using this link. Either way, I'll report back with my findings.