Text in Notes section gets cut off

I noticed an issue when typing text into the notes for my slides:

The text gets cut off at the end of the lines. There is actually still text but it is not displayed. Even when I pop-out the notes in a separate window or change the size of the trigger pane it won't go away. It seems there is a portion to the right overlaying what I type.

Please see the attached image.


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Lauren Connelly

Hi Hannes!

I can step in and solve why the notes text is cut off in Storyline!

It sounds like you're viewing the notes while authoring a course in Storyline as opposed to previewing or publishing a course. 

Have you tried using the Redock All Windows feature? This is the first step which will help us see if the entire text is displayed when the Notes section is in its original spot.

Here's a quick look at how to do this:

Next, are you seeing the text missing in every slide or just this one? If it's every slide, then I'd recommend trying to import this course into a new project.

To do this:

1. Save the project you're working on, and then close the project.

2. On the main screen, choose New Project.

3. After the new project has loaded, click File and then Import.

4. Choose Storyline.

5. After this, you'll be prompted to choose the project and then click "Open"

6. You'll see the slides shown in the pop-up Import window. Lastly, click Import.

Go ahead and see if the Notes are displayed properly. 

If these steps don't lead to the solution, we'll want to take a look at your file. If you're comfortable with that, please use this private upload link to share the file with us.