Text input box not allowing multiple lines or use of return to create new line

Jan 07, 2020

I want to have a text entry box that will allow users to enter text but don't want to restrict it to a single line. The text entry box works fine in the develop mode but when I preview the slide it forces the text onto a single line, aligned in the centre vertically and the entry key submits the interaction. 

I've tried various options including no resizing, resize to fit text, different shapes of the text box and putting a text input box on another slide that doesn't have an interaction assigned to it.

Anyone, have an idea what's happening?




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Andrew Baker

Solved :)

When I put this question in, I saw a link to similar content (carriage returns without submitting interaction). This led me to finding out about the Essay question type under the survey questions.

I've not looked at the survey questions since I first started using Storyline, but it seems to give me just what I need. 

Karel Wagner


I'm experiencing a the same problem. I need the users to type required text in a field. However the text will not wrap and starts in the middle of the Text Entry box. I've set the font to 6, I have 'wrap text in shape' checked, see attached, and vertical alignment 'top.'  It is not a quiz question I'm building. It is a process simulation. I looked for the essay question mentioned above, but that seems to be allocated to quizzes.   Any suggestions?  I just want them to type in the field and it wrap. 

Ren Gomez

Hi Karel,

Thanks for reaching out. I'm sorry that you ran into a bug where a text entry box with a height less than 60 px doesn't wrap and shows text centered vertically. We have reported it to our team, and continue to keep an eye on it to evaluate how many customers are impacted and what impact it has on courses.
If you'd like some help with this bug and see if a workaround is possible, feel free to share that specific slide with our support engineers, and they can take a closer look.
Joanna Reeves

Hello Ren, I am doing a project in which my text entry boxes are 50px in height. Unfortunately I can't make these any bigger and so have reduced text size to ensure that there is room for 3 lines of text. However I am running into the issue that you have mentioned above. Are you able to help with this? (do I need to submit a ticket or is there a workaround?)

Thanks , Jo

Katie Riggio

Hi there, Jo!

So sorry to hear that you ran into this bug.

The current workaround is to use a text-entry box larger than 60 px, but I understand if that might not work in your course. We're happy to troubleshoot your file for any other possible project-specific fixes. Simply use this private upload link:


The Essay question type in the Survey works great! Be sure to adjust the size of the test entry box to avoid the appearance of the scroll bar (unless you want the user to be able to scroll). Thanks, Andrew, for the tip!

And if you need a graded question, you can add correct and incorrect feedback and create triggers to score the response...with the understanding that text entry questions in e-Learning have always been problematic to score well. Most development software is not powerful or flexible enough (I've never found one that is entirely adequate...too much variability in how the user answers, and you'd have to enter a million different matching responses to account for them, and even then the user might enter something that can be missed). Fortunately, I didn't care about doing this for a knowledge check question, so I only provided a Thank You type response, with feedback like "If you answered xxx, you'd be right!"