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Katie Riggio

Hi Gerald,

I appreciate you sharing what you'd like to see!

We're monitoring requests for more editing options with the text-to-speech feature, including humanizing the voices, so I'll share your voice with my team. Here's a look into our process:

Let me know if there's anything else I can do!

don saunders

Hi Becca,

Text to Speech would really come in handy during these times.

My company is growing like crazy. We have rapidly switched over to doing a lot of remote training and testing. We don't have the time or resources to do every course or project with a professional voice-over.

The voices that you guys have in your app are very basic and actually detract from the presentation. I cannot use the text to speech capability you offer because it sounds obviously fake/contrived.

You folks at Articulate should do yourselves a favor and get text to speech fixed in your applications. I believe doing so would significantly differentiate your applications. I am certain I am not the only person/company out there needed this capability.

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